Jonah of Olympic (2023)

Written by Nathan Weaver

Coming in 2023.

Agent Dean Ekron of the State Bureau has a growing list of missing persons on his desk. One of those missing persons is Charlie Buckham’s wife, Jonah. He is desperate to find his missing wife and as he dries up his last resources and options, he hires Mercedes Masterson to find his loving wife.

Soon after… things go sideways.

Sweet Sixteen Killer (2020)

Written by Nathan Weaver

Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories, Book 1.

The first book introduces us to Mercedes Masterson just as she’s quitting her job as an agent with the State Bureau of Investigations to start her own private investigative firm. Also at that moment, a serial killer starts up his career.

Meet Mercedes Masterson: A private investigator who marches to the beat of her own grim drummer. She is hardnosed, keen eyed, and doesn’t take crap from anyone, except her own personal demons. Criminals beware: you kick the hive, you answer to the Queen.

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eBook retailers: Amazon Kindle, ​Barnes and Noble (US only), ​Google Play Books, Kobo, Walmart.

No DRM: Gumroad.

Paperback: Amazon.

Library: Overdrive.

Gun (2019)

Written by Morgen Bailey, Max Booth III, Jake Cesarone, Dipankar Dasgupta, Neal James, Christopher Law, Justin Little, Jessie Masoner, Amie Napolis, and Nathan Weaver

Emerald Dragon String-Along #2.

The citizens of Salem suffer more than their fair share of life’s ills. Murder. Mayhem. Jealousy. Greed. But when a mysterious handmade Gun shows up on the scene, nothing will ever be the same. For this Gun has its own moral code. It will never fire to do evil, only to do good. As it tumbles in and out of the lives of ordinary citizens – junkies, clerks, cops, criminals, unfaithful husbands – they find their lives changed forever. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for worse.

Born from pain, built for good.

The String-Along project is a collaborative effort where multiple authors, in locations around the globe, come together to tell a singular story. Sometimes not knowing where to go with a story until the previous author in rotation provides a chapter update. The first in the series is called Fatal Flaws and can be found online in both paperback and digital formats.

How to buy

eBook retailers: Amazon Kindle, ​Barnes and Noble (US only), ​Google Play Books,Kobo, ​Walmart.

No DRM: Gumroad.

Library: Overdrive.

Fatal Flaws (2011)

Written by Max Booth III, Jake Cesarone, Neal James, Jessie Masoner, and Nathan Weaver

Emerald Dragon String-Along #1.

Peter Krite is a cop; a cop with a problem. For eight years he has been drifting on a sea of uncertainty, a sea of guilt, a sea of hate. Drifting on that sea in a booze-fuelled haze, haunted by the slaughter of his wife and children, and the inability of the forces of law and order to bring their killers to justice.

Now, despite the system’s lack of progress and his own loss of hope, there comes a shaft of light at the end of his tunnel. A message, delivered anonymously to his cell phone, points him in a new direction. A message that re-ignites his determination to find those responsible for the massacre of his family all those years ago.

The message is a ray of hope, but it also rubs fresh salt into the still-open wounds. Late at night, he can still hear the screams which plague his imagination as he tries to sleep. Screams which he should have been at home to prevent, and lives that should never have been lost. Now, at long last, is his chance for redemption. But… at what cost?

How to buy

eBook retailers: Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble (US only), Google Play Books, Kobo, Walmart.

Paperback: Lulu.

Library: Overdrive.